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Port Hudson State Historic Site

This is the site of the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River. Nearly 6,800 Confederate troops were held under siege by Union troops for 48 days. The siege became the longest true siege in American military history. The site also is one of the earliest uses of African American troops in combat.


Centenary State Historic Site

Centenary State Historic Site is run by the Louisiana Office of State Parks. It is a rather young location among the state's parks, and there is much that can yet be done to make it more educationally profitable. It serves not only as a glimpse into the past of Centenary College of Louisiana but to early education in Louisiana, Civil War medicine, the founding of Jackson, and other topics of local and state history.


Greater Baton Rouge Model Railroaders

The world of model railroading is a fascinating and fun place. Millions of people of all ages, races and economic backgrounds feel a camaraderie in watching and running these remembrances of earlier times. Children beam as colorful trains race through miniature worlds for their amusement. Imagination soars as eyes roam over the detailed landscapes, finding new and exciting scenes at every glance. Truly, model railroading brings us all together! 

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